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The Muckleshoot Tribal College (MTC) Staff is committed to serving the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, Indigenous peoples of tribal ancestry in Canada and the United States, and the greater Auburn/Seattle area. It is the mandate of the Muckleshoot Tribal College to establish a student and staff-centered communication plan to serve the Adult and Higher Education community. It is also the goal of MTC to build reciprocal relationships that reflect the dignity, history, language and rich cultural background of the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe. It is our goal to contribute to the revitalization and reclamation of bəqəlšuɫucid and continue to contribute and maintain the collective distinct identity of the Muckleshoot.

Muckleshoot Tribal College Department

Denise Bill
Executive Director of
Adult & Higher Education
Denise Bill is a member of the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe. Denise comes from the villages of Burns Creek, Stuck, Herring House, Crossing Over Place, and, KKatilbc. Denise’s Great-Grandmother was Annie Jack, a fluent Lushootseed speaker, and, Iola Bill-Lobehan, also a fluent Lushootseed speaker. Denise’s father is the late Dr. Willard Bill, Sr., a long-time Native Educator, and mother is MaryAnn Bill. Denise is Mother to Elise, Andrew, and, Grandmother to Lily. Denise is the Executive Director of Adult & Higher Education. Denise has spent part of her career in K-12 Educational Systems, both public and Native Schools. Denise has spent the other half of her career in Adult and Higher Education for the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe. Denise has an Educational Doctoral Degree from the University of Washington. Her dissertation is titled Native American Educational Leadership in the Pacific Northwest.
Madrienne White
Tribal College Administrator 
haʔł sləx̌I
Madrienne White tsi dsdaʔ bəqəlšułabš čəd. My parents are Laurie Molina (Ross) and Niceto Salgado. My maternal grandparents are Marvin and Alfreda Ross. My paternal grandparents are Isaac and Nico Salgado.
I am the Tribal College Administrator. I’m honored and privileged to work in the Adult and Higher Education department. I love supporting and encouraging higher learning in our community.
I am happily married to Colby White Sr. Our son is Duke and I’m a bonus mom to Ali and Colby Jr.
In my spare time, I like to travel and attend Powwows and compete as a Jingle dress dancer. I also spend lots of time at home where I like to watch cooking shows, garden, and help take care of our property/animals.
Patrick Eagle
Academic Affairs Instructor
Patrick Eagle (Karuk descendant) is an academic instructor at Muckleshoot Tribal College. He comes from two strong family names: Eagle(father, Karuk) and Hasson (mother, Jewish). Patrick grew up at home with values (Jewish), while learning Christian values at Seattle Pacific University (Bachelor of Arts in English and Post-baccalaureate in Creative Writing) and Seattle University (Master of Arts in Student Development Administration) Throughout all these experiences, Patrick’s father, James Eagle, taught him the importance of building lasting relationships. Patrick Eagle’s current scholarship interest includes Indigenous pedagogical approaches to developmental reading, writing, and math.
Wayne Buchanan
Project Manager
Michelle Williams
Higher Education Researcher & Analyst
I am a proud Latina with roots in Guadalajara and Oaxaca, Mexico.  I was born and raised in WA state. I am the mother of an amazing little girl, Madison Williams. My mother is Dorothy Vargas-Guevara and my father is Roger Smedsrud. I am the granddaughter of Jose Vargas and Sarah Vargas-Guevara as well as Frances and Arne Smedsrud.  My Latin grandparents were both first-generation Americans who grew up on the Yakima Reservation after their parents immigrated here from Mexico. The other half of my heritage remains deeply rooted in Norse culture in Sweden and Buskerud Norway.
I have a deep love for learning and am a forever student. I received my AA from Green River College, and a Bachelor's Degree in Research Psychology and Investigative Forensics through the University of Maryland. I have also received two certificates for Criminal Justice and UX Design and Research,. and in the past have held my ABA RBT Therapist & Real Estate License. I never want to stop learning and growing in my personal and professional life.
Chris Miller
Administrative Specialist II
Justice Bill
Instructional Coordinator

Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Larry Cordier
Career and Technical Education
(253) 876-3256
My Name is Larry Cordier.  I was born in the Black Hills and raised on the Rosebud reservation in South Dakota.  My father was Dick Cordier from the Sicangu band.  My mother was born Phyllis White Eyes from the Oglala band in Pine Ridge South Dakota.  I am proud and honored to be working at the Muckleshoot Tribal College
Olivia Courville
CTE Instructional Coordinator
(253) 876-3292
My name isOlivia Courville. I am the Career & Technical Education InstructionalCoordinator at the MTC. I am a Muckleshoot Tribal member, & a descendant ofthe Yakama & Nooksack people. I am the daughter of Jessica Garcia-Jones andMatthew Courville. My bonus dad is Matthew Jones from Port Gamble S'KlallamTribe. I am the granddaughter of Laurie Molina(Ross), Carlos Garcia and thelate Connie Courville(Moses) and Delwin Courville Sr. My son is Andres Esparza.
Conroy Provost
CTE Media Instructor
(253) 294-8125
Oki, my paternal grandparents are Dila Yellowhorn and Teddy Provost (Piikani - Blackfoot) and my maternal grandparents is Evelyn and Lawrence Saddleback (Samson Cree) my father is Vance Provost of the Piikani Nation (Blackfoot) and my mother is Elizabeth Saddleback of Maskwacis (Samson Cree Nation) I have earned my Bachelors Degree in Digital Audio Production from Utah Valley University and my second Bachelors Degree in Education from the University of Lethbridge. I am currently earning my Masters Degree in Education at the University of Victoria. I came to Washington in August 2021 where I am blessed to call the traditional homelands of the Muckleshoot my current home. It is my goal to serve the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe to the best of my abilities and continue to learn from this wonderful community. 
Joshua Hawks
CTE Instructor
(253) 876-2828
I am the son of Howard and Koko Hawks. My father’s family is from the US and my mother’s family is from Japan. I teach tech courses at the tribal college; primarily computer literacy. And I have a background in software development with a BAS in software development.

Continuing Education(Highschool, 21+, GED & Testing Center)

Justine Kobel
Continuing Education Instructional Coordinator
(253) 876-3375
I have my Bachelors of Arts in History from Florida State University and my Masters of Arts in Eastern European History from the University of Hawai’i at Moana.  I have been in education for over a decade, four of which have been in Adult Education.  I am a Southern girl at heart, having spent my formative years in West Florida.  I am from generations of military veterans and have lived all over the world.  I am the daughter of Mary and granddaughter of John and Maryann.  My grandfather and his family were raised in Choctaw, Oklahoma.  My husband is active duty Navy, and we have chosen to plant our roots in the South Sound. 
Nate Bisson.jpg
Nathaniel Bisson
Assessment and Instruction Specialist
(253) 294-8186
I am a member of the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, as well as Skokomish and Squaxin Island.  I was born in Tacoma, Washington, and raised on both the Puyallup and Muckleshoot reservations. My parents are Lori Simonson-Korndorfer and Joseph Bisson. My grandparents are Linda Soria and Joseph James. I am the father of Roman, Mylaré, and Khalysi Bisson. After graduating from Chief Leschi schools, I earned my AA degree at Green River College,  Bachelor’s degree at Northwest Indian College, and a Master’s degree from the University of Washington. I have held many titles in my career including, firework salesman, certified physical trainer, basketball coach, casino security officer/manager, fisherman, clam digger, certified underwater diver, certified human resource professional, and most recently- Instruction and Assessment specialist at the Muckleshoot Tribal College.  I believe that the key to success is by having a passion for what you do. For us to consistently learn and grow, we must find ways to stay motivated. So, find your true passions let them be your guide. After all, if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.

College & Career Education Opportunities Program (CCEOP)

Michele Rodarte
CCEOP Program Manager
Josie Benito
Lead Crew Supervisor
Carmen White
Youth Crew Supervisor


Marie Marquez
Financial Aid Director
(253) 876-3382

Bachelor of Science: Business Administration, International Business & Spanish, Translation1995 to 1997, was Casual Labor for the Muckleshoot Tribe.  I was a cook at the Tribal School.  At Birth to Three, Teacher Assistant TA, even dressed up for one year as the Easter Bunny.  I am featured in the 50th Year Anniversary Year Book.  I worked at the Elders, Finance, and Enrollment.  In 1997, I became a full-time employee for the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe in the Department of Reality.  In June 2002, I was hired as the Financial Aid Director for the Higher Education Division Department. I am also currently the proud Guardian and Foster Parent to Muckleshoot children. My Fraternal Grandparents were Gregorio Marquez Avitia and Juana Saenz Salcido & Maternal Grandparents were: Manuela Morelas and Francisco Barraza.  My parents Gregorio Marquez Salcido y Pilar Barraza Morales.  My grandparents and parents were born in Valle de Zaragoza, Chihuahua, Mexico which is 5 hours from El Paso, Texas.  I was born in Parral, Chihuahua, Mexico and brought to the United States at the age of one.  My parents and I migrated into Los Angeles, California to which we lived in Compton until 1987, then my parents moved to Mexico and I stayed to continue my education.  Once I graduated from college, I was offered the position of Admission Evaluator at University of California, Long Beach.  I have two biological siblings and seven non-biological siblings. My other set of parents are Josefina Cardenas y Raymundo Gutierrez. They are originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.  I would not have graduated from college if not for all the emotional support from from my extended family.  I am so grateful and respect and love.

Amy Castaneda
Financial Aid Manager
(253) 876-8032

Amy Castaneda is the Financial Aid Manager for the Scholarship Department. She is a Muckleshoot tribal member, she’s married and has three children. Amy oversees the Financial Aid team and works with the Private School Assistance Program (PSAP). She graduated from Green River College with her Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Management.

Danielle Wilcox
Finance Specialist
(253) 294-8002
Anita Jimenez
Finance specialist
(253) 876-3378
Loretta Sohappy
Finance Specialist
(253) 876-2830

My paternal grandparents are David Sohappy Sr. (Yakama Nation) and Myra Charley (Yakama Nation) and my maternal grandparents are Ronald “Lonnie” Moses (Muckleshoot) and Leah Allen (Muckleshoot). My parents are David (Yakama Nation) and Bonnie Sohappy (Muckleshoot). My Indian name is Not-tee-yaand my government name is name is Loretta Sohappy. As an enrolled member of the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, I am extremely proud of my Native American heritage. I have two bachelors from Eastern Washington University (EWU)! In addition to I was the first in my family to get a Master of Public Health from EWU. Currently, I am working as the Finance Specialist at the Muckleshoot Scholarship Program. I am a believer of “knowledge is power” and enjoy reading books, manga, or manhwa in my free time.

Kelsey Perkovich
Career Advisor/Counselor III
(253) 876-3210

Education/Work Experience: Bachelor of Arts in Education from Pacific Lutheran University


Intro: I have lived my whole life in the Puget Sound region. My father is Stacy Smith from Seattle, my mother is Susan Hudelson-Smith. My father’s parents came from Norway and Ireland, the Farstad and Lindsay families, and my mother’s heritage is German and British. After graduating college, I worked as a teacher and tutor, and as the Center Director at Sylvan Learning for over a decade. In my free time, I enjoy attending live concerts, and going on adventures with my two teenage children and toddler son.

Jocelyn Alfaio- Patterson
Career Advisor/Counselor III
(253) 876-3305

Hello, I am Jocelyn Patterson-Alafaio. I am the daughter of Jeff Patterson and Lori Patterson. My father’s side is from Saxony, Germany, and emigrated to Chicago, Illinois. While my mother’s side of the family is from Bern, Switzerland and emigrated to Berne, Indiana. I was born and raised in Auburn, Washington, and graduated from Auburn Riverside High School. I am a returning College and career advisor with the Muckleshoot Scholarship Department. I graduated from UW Tacoma and have spent my career serving students of all ages. My background includes working with UW Tacoma Admissions and Financial Aid team, running our family business and working with Graduation Alliance as a Local Advocate across King County. Helping students with their academic journey and watching them get excited about their future is why I love being an advisor. In my free time I enjoy reading, exploring the pacific northwest, and spending time with my loved ones. 


Dena Starr
Program Manager
(253) 876-3147
Laurie Williams
Executive Assistant
(253) 876-3210

Northwest Indian College (NWIC)

Nicole pic.jpg
Nicole Cabral
NWIC Site Manager
MTC Phone: (253)876-8176
NWIC Phone: (360) 255-4432

Nicole Cabral is the Northwest Indian College (NWIC) Site Manager at the Muckleshoot Tribal College.


My goal as the NWIC Site Manager is to mentor students as they explore and define their values, education, career and life goals. I considers myself a “developer”, and always see the potential in others;  I hope to help NWIC students grow while simultaneously capitalizing on their individual strengths.


I grew up in New Bedford, Massachusetts and am primarily of Portuguese descent. My military service brought me to Washington, where I eventually chose to plant my roots, and have called this home since 2005. Upon transitioning out of the military, I worked on base at the Education Center as an Education Services Specialist for eight years where I assisted soldiers with pursuing and achieving their educational goals. I am a certified Career Advisor and have earned a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Southern California, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Saint Martin’s University. I have years of experience as a culturally responsive academic advisor with students in diverse higher education settings.


I am proud and honored to serve the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe and community as the NWIC Site Manager.

Preston Smith
NWIC Academic Support Staff
(360) 218-4689

*On-Site at MTC  Wednesdays 10AM- 3 PM

Green River Contact

Alejandra Gonzalez
Tribal Pathways Manager
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